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 At Beacon Bay Marina located on Champlain Rd, Penetanguishene geese have been an ongoing issue for the past 20 years. Our previous methods of deterring them have cost us thousands of dollars with trained Goose Dogs being the best method – until now. The Away With Geese products are environmentally friendly, low maintenance and not disruptive to our customers. Our boaters complain continuously about the mess that the geese leave on the grass, walkways and roadways which would then get tracked onto their boats and in their cars.  Our staff would spend hours raking and cleaning areas where the geese left a mess and then they needed to repeat this process the next day.     At the end of March we installed 8 land units and 1 water unit around the property and you could see the numbers of geese quickly diminishing. In the mornings there would be no geese on property and no mess to clean up saving us a lot of money on labour costs. Even our customers have noticed the difference and have been impressed with the cleanliness of our property using the Away With Geese products. The geese have found a new location to congregate in and we no longer have to worry about aggressive and nuisance geese scaring away our customers.  The Away With Geese team at Huronia Marine have been a pleasure to deal with and their commitment to their product line is very strong. They are experts in Geese Control and I am happy to refer their products to other Marinas and waterfront property owners.  Please feel free to contact my office if you have any questions about the effectiveness of this product.    Justin Cummings – Beacon Bay Marina Operations Manager    

Nerves are Calmed With Geese Gone

I was so tired of the mess all these geese were making! We live at a lake & they wanted to live here on our property day and night. There was a lot of them & they were getting on my nerves with their mess. Couldn’t walk without watching for their piles. I got the Away With Geese and now it is so peaceful! The soft light is not disturbing to our night scenery. They found another home within a couple days. It is so nice to not have them under foot! Have had it for around 6 months & I love it! It’s amazing!!! 

Krahn Outdoor Furniture

Kevin & Vanessa "Georgian Bay Cottagers"

We LOVE our Krahn chairs! We especially love relaxing in our maintenance free chairs while we watch our neighbours paint and stain their wood chairs year after year! We use them all year round as well! We highly recommend them to anyone!! 

Our most asked FAQ's

How does the Away With Geese product work? 

The unit has a 360 solar flashing light that flashes every 2 seconds, all-night, year round. The light is barely noticeable to people but proves very disruptive to the sleep cycle of geese causing them to no longer feel secure. After a few anxious nights they find another habitat. 

What is the price of an Away With Geese unit? 

As the Canadian distributor for this amazing product we have great pricing available to you. Units range from $439 to $513 in Canadian funds. 

What makes you a goose Expert? 

With over 25 years in the Marina business we have been managing geese using various methods. These units are effective, economical, humane and guaranteed to work!

Why choose Krahn Outdoor? 

Canadian made and family owned Krahn furniture is UV resistant, weather proof and the most comfortable product to sit in. 

With unsurpassed quality and unmatched comfort you won't be disappointed.  

About Us

Away With Geese Products


We are your Goose experts with 25 years of goose management experience. Huronia Marine is proud to be your Canadian distributor for  the Away With Geese product line. Four types of units are designed for various locations such as; waterfront, beach, lawns and docks. 

Contact us for your free placement study.

Geese gone. Guaranteed. 

Krahn Outdoor Furniture


Located on Georgian Bay we are your Cottage Country Dealer for Canadian made Krahn furniture. Their products are made with 100% recycled plastic, have UV protection,  resistant to weather conditions year round, providing unmatched comfort & unsurpassed quality. A wide variety of colours and styles available to enhance your outdoor space.

About Us


After a frustrating search for a goose management product that worked for our own location we tried the Away With Geese units. Once we realized the effectiveness of these products we knew we had to share our findings. We fully endorse the Away With Geese product line and would be happy to talk with you about our solutions for problem geese.

Representing Krahn Outdoor was an easy decision based on the exceptional product quality and our proximity to Cottage Country. We stock a large selection  of chairs and tables for you to sit in and experience the Krahn difference first hand. You won't be disappointed.

Away With Geese Video

Check out this great video from DiY Channel "Brothers On Call" installing Away With Geese units. 


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